MaleModels.com is a live webcam community for amateur male models. If you are an attractive male who likes to strut his stuff live in front of thousands of people, you can now make money doing what you love! It's easy to get started with Male Models, just register for a free account, and you can start earning Tokens right away. Once your account is verified, you receive a 70% cash payout for the Tokens you have accumulated in your account. Cash out at any time after you get tips or paid private shows, and receive weekly payments with no chargebacks, minimums, or payment delays!

What makes MaleModels.com different from other live cam sites is our social based format where everyone can watch each other. We want to make both models and visitors feel free to express themselves, and have a great time without the fear of being judged. If you have kinks or fantasies which you haven't had a chance to explore, Male Models can make them happen in the safety and comfort of your own home. Here are only a few of the features you can enjoy on MaleModels.com:

- Watch up to four user webcams at the same time.
- High quality video and sound.
- See users watching you in real time.
- Small, medium and full screen video mode.
- Volume and mute for webcams being watched.
- Search for users by name, gender, or both.
- Multiple theme based chatrooms.
- Use your webcam to take picture while chatting.
- Invite anyone for cam2cam paid private video chat.
- Get Tokens as tips for anything you offer to do.
- Send instant messages to any online user.
- Send e-mail messages to your fans.
- Create a profile with pictures and videos for sale.
- Get rated by other members.
- Follow your favorite members and get others to follow you.
- Get emails when your favorite users are online.
- Display a message over your webcam.
- Display a link to another site on your webcam.
- Block users from seeing you and sending you messages.
- Works in major web browsers with no downloads.
- 100% free with no registration needed to use most features.

We hope you enjoy MaleModels.com as much as we enjoyed creating it!


What is MaleModels.com?
MaleModels.com is a live webcam community for amateur male models.

How much do models make on MaleModels.com?
Verified models get a 70% payout with no chargebacks, minimums or payment delays.

How is MaleModels.com different from other cam sites?
MaleModels.com is a more like a community or social network where everyone can see each other live on webcam.

What is the minimum age allowed to enter MaleModels.com?
All users must be at least 18 years old.

Do I need to be a member to use MaleModels.com?
No. You can watch others and chat without registering.

Does it cost anything to be a registered member?
No. Being a registered member is free.

Do I need to have a credit card to register?

What can I do as guest?
You can watch webcams, get invited to private cam2cam video chat, send messages every 10 seconds, send instant messages, watch full screen video, enter public rooms, rate others, see profiles, block unwanted users, see users watching you, and search profiles.

What can I do as a registered member?
You can do everything guests can do plus send private video chat invites, reserve your nickname, choose your text color and use smileys in chat, send unlimited messages without delay, give and receive Tokens, create a profile, get rated by others with rating displayed in your profile, get fans to follow you and become a fan of others, ability to enter Members Only and VIP chatrooms, and display a message on your webcam.

How do I watch someone's webcam?
Click on the webcam icon or buttons labeled 1, 2, 3, or 4 next to any nickname to watch their webcam.

How do I turn on my webcam?
Click on Cam Settings under your webcam, and then click on the "Authorize" button to allow your webcam to broadcast.

How do I invite others to a private chat?
If you are a registered member, first watch a user, and then click on the "Private" button over their webcam.

How do I send instant messages?
To send an instant message to anyone who is online, first click on the "Profile" button on their webcam or their gender icon in the user list to open their profile, and then click the "Send Instant Message" button at the top, next to their nickname.

Where can I see my rating?
Registered members can see their rating by clicking on the "My Account" button at the top right of the chat, or on the "My Profile button over your webcam.

How can I become someone's fan?
Registered members can fan members from their profile by clicking on "e;Become A Fan" under their profile picture.

Can I get an email each time someone I fanned goes online?
Yes. Registered members can subscribe to their stars' online status by clicking on the "Subscribe" button next to any nickname on your My Stars page.

Can I send email messages to other members?

Registered members can send email messages to their fans. To send a message to any fan, click on "My Account" button, and then on "My Fans" tab, and then on the "Send Message" button next to any fan.

Can I add a custom message over my webcam?
Yes. Registered members can enter a message in the middle of their webcam which will be seen by anyone watching their cam.

Can I block others from seeing my webcam and messages?
Yes. You can block by clicking the "X" button next to the nickname of the username of the person you would like to block.

What are Tokens, and do I have to have them?
Tokens are used as points which can be given to other members in order to show appreciation. You do not need to have Tokens to use the site.

How do I receive Tokens and how much do they cost?

Registered members can purchase Tokens by clicking on the "Buy Tokens" button at a cost of $0.09 per Token, or have other members send them as tips or for premium private chats. Tokens can remain in your account, be given to others as gifts, or if you become a verified model, we will pay you based on the amount of Tokens you have accumulated.

How do I give Tokens to others?

Registered members can give Tokens to other registered members by clicking on the "Tip" button over their webcam.

How can I see how many Tokens someone has?
You can see how many Tokens any user has by clicking on the "Profile" button over their webcam, or on the gender icon to the left of their nickname in the user list. Only registered members can have Tokens, and the amount of Tokens each user has are shown on top of their profile, next to their profile picture.

What is a VIP member and how much does it cost to become one?
A VIP member is anyone who has at least 270 Tokens. Other than keeping 270 Tokens or more in your account, being a VIP member is free.

Am I allowed to promote other sites in live chat or in my profile?
No. We consider promoting other sites to be spam, and any attempt to do this will get your account permanently blocked. If you are not sure if a certain link is allowed, please contact us for approval.

What happens if I am obscene, rude, or do something illegal when I am broadcasting?
You will be kicked from the site without warning.

Do you have an affiliate program where I can make money promoting MaleModels.com?
Yes we do. Click here to sign up as an affiliate and get $25.00 for every new VIP member you refer.